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Chapter 2: Wedding Save the Date Card Wording & Etiquette

Wedding save the date cards are designed to give key members of your guest list a heads-up that your wedding is on the horizon so they have ample time to plan for it. A relative newcomer to the wedding invitation process, save the date cards bounded onto the scene in the early 2000s when destination weddings and three-day-weekend wedding events increased in popularity.

In general, save the date cards include enough information on the wedding to allow guests to make necessary arrangements to get to your wedding in advance. This is especially relevant if you are planning a destination wedding, if the majority of your guests are coming from out of town, or if you're going to get married in a popular tourist or vacation locale where accommodations may be hard to come by.

Our First Steps Wedding Save the Date Cards

What to Include on a Save the Date Card

A wedding save the date card needs to include the important details of your wedding: who is getting married and where.

Details to include

  • The names of engaged couple
  • Date(s) of wedding event
  • City and state/country of the wedding
  • Venue of the wedding
  • The phrase “formal invitation to come”

If you are planning on hosting a large number of guests from out-of-town, or have decided to have a destination wedding, including information on accommodations and transportation is appreciated. This could include:

  • Convenient airports
  • Transportation options from airports to lodging
  • Lodging options
  • Transportation from lodging to wedding venue
  • Phone numbers and websites for relevant businesses

Storkie Tip: Including "formal
invitation to follow" ensures guests do
not confuse the Save the Date card
with your wedding invite.

Wedding Save the Date Card Format

Because there is not a long tradition around them, the etiquette regarding save the date cards is flexible. Even in the case of a very traditional or formal wedding, a save the date card can be informal and casual if a couple wishes. Couples can choose to match the theme or color of their formal wedding invitations, or be more creative.

Popular Save the Date card formats:

  • Photo cards featuring the engaged couple
  • Postcards
  • Magnets – just make sure to include "contains magnet" on the envelope
  • Themed

Storkie Tip: As couples become
more internet savvy, personal
wedding websites are a popular and
easy way to disseminate important
wedding info.

Add "More Wedding Information at
Our Website" to your save the date
cards – just be sure all the recipients
have internet access!

Vintage Floral Wedding Save the Date Cards

Etiquette for Acknowledging Guests

Who receives save the date cards

You should only send save the date cards to people who will later receive an invitation. It is gauche to send a save the date card and then neglect to send that person an invitation because you changed your mind – in addition, it will be confusing to a guest who may think the card is their invitation. Send save the date cards only to the people you definitely want at your wedding.

Acknowledging guests only invited to the wedding reception

Guests who are not invited to the wedding ceremony but who still need to make arrangements to attend the wedding reception should receive a save the date card. Specify that these save the date cards are for the reception or party, and not to the ceremony so there is no confusion as to which event the guest should attend.

Storkie Tip: Sending save the date
cards more than twelve months in
advance increases the risk that guests
will forget the event.

Acknowledging a guest and their significant other

If guests will be required to take time off from work or make extensive travel arrangements, use save the date cards to indicate who will be invited to the upcoming wedding.

If a couple lives together but have different last names, address the envelope to both guests. If a couple does not live together, you can send a save the date card to one of the guest's address and include their significant other in the salutation, or send individual save the date cards to two addresses.

Acknowledging an Adults-Only wedding

An adults-only wedding requires guests with children to double up on their planning – how to get themselves to your wedding, and where to leave their children while they are gone. It is imperative to let guests know that they will need to make other plans for their kids.

Address the save the date card to the adults you wish to attend and leave off their children's names. In addition, consider using the following line:

We hope the two of you will be able to join us.

When to Order Wedding Save the Date Cards

Save the date cards should be ordered as soon the wedding plans have been finalized, including dates, times, venues and any necessary travel or lodging arrangements. Order enough to invite your entire guest list with 15 to 25 extra. Check out our Wedding Save the Date Cards at Storkie.com when it’s time to order!

When to Send Save the Date Cards

Wedding save the Date cards should be sent out 4 to 6 months prior to the date of a local wedding, and 9 months to a year prior to a destination wedding.

Wedding Cake Save the Date Cards

Popular Save the Date Card Wording

Local wedding

Save the Date
for the wedding of
Jamie Stenton & Lettie Maryfield

Saturday, May 25th, 2010

Tacoma Train Station
Invitation to follow

Destination wedding

Save the Date
Saturday, July 13th
For the Wedding of
Anna Marin and Ricky Jones

We look forward to sharing our
special day with you!

Special rates have been arranged at the Hyatt
Inn in downtown Atlanta.
Please mention the Marin/Jones Wedding
Block Rate when making reservations.

Hyatt Inn
2555 Central Avenue
Atlanta, Georgia 12354

Invitation to Follow

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