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Chapter 5: Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Invitations

Your wedding weekend has finally arrived and with it a slew of activities – the wedding rehearsal dinner, the bridesmaid brunch, the post-nuptial breakfast and other gatherings to celebrate your big day. Even though your wedding weekend activities are smaller and less formal than your actual wedding, there is a proper way to invite your friends and family to your wedding activities - and it doesn't involve a mass Facebook message.

Wedding rehearsal invitations let your families, wedding party, ushers and important extras who have to be at the rehearsal know the time, date, and location of the event. Rehearsal dinner invitations can be handwritten or sent online. If you're having a low-key rehearsal at a bistro or pizza parlor, handwritten invites aren't necessary. If you plan on having a lot of out-of-town guests, send out formal rehearsal dinner invitations.

Purple Lilies Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Invitations

What to Include in a Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Invitation

Think of your wedding rehearsal dinner invitations like a news story. Cover the five W's: the who, what, when, where and why of your rehearsal dinner.

Details to include

  • Reason for the invitation
  • Host's name(s)
  • Host's contact information
  • The name of the venue
  • The address of the venue
  • Time and date
  • Bride and groom's names
  • Theme (country ho-down? Hawaiian Luau?)
  • RSVP Name & Phone Number or Regrets Only Name & Phone Number

Storkie Tip: It's not
necessary to include
whether it's a kids only
reception or whether
there's an open bar –
stick to the main details.

Rehearsal Dinner Invitation Format

Etiquette rules dictate that you have three options for your wedding rehearsal dinner invitations: You can include the rehearsal dinner invitations with your wedding invitations, send them as a separate invite or send an e-mail invitation. The smaller the party, the less formal your invitation needs to be.

Unless your guest list is very small, you'll want guests to R.S.V.P. for the dinner in order to anticipate how much food to order and how many place settings you will need. Be sure to include a name and phone number of the person hosting the event.

Contemporary Couple Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Invitations

Etiquette for Acknowledging Guests

In the past, the immediate family and the bridal party were the only ones invited to a rehearsal dinner. Times have changed and now the guest list is completely up to the host. Consider inviting your out-of-town guests, those friends and family who traveled miles to see you on your Big Day.

Remember the rehearsal dinner is a great time to give out your bridal party gifts.

When to Order Rehearsal Dinner Invitations

Wedding rehearsal dinner invitations can be very formal or casual based on the event. Visit our Storkie page for Rehearsal Dinner Invitations and order your cards one to three months before the event.

Storkie Tip: If your budget won't
allow entertaining all your
out-of-town guests during wedding
weekend downtime, include a list of
restaurants or sights to see in the
area on your wedding web page, so
they'll keep busy while you're busy
with last minute wedding prep.

When to Send Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Invitations

If you're sending out printed dinner invitations to a large group of people, send them out a few days after the wedding invitation goes out. If your guest list is small, invite your guests about a month before the event.

Gold Dotted Border Rehearsal Dinner Invitations

Popular Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Invitation Wording

Formal rehearsal dinner invitation wording

The pleasure of your company is requested at a
Rehearsal Dinner honoring Miss Emily Karen Rose
and Mr. Ryan Scott Stevens on Saturday,
the fourth of June at six o'clock

The Grand Ballroom
Regent Hotel

Rsvp to Mrs. Nancy Rose

Casual rehearsal dinner invitation wording

The night before they tie the knot
Please come for dinner and drinks.
We’ll practice the ceremony
step by step, to iron out the kinks.
Laurie and Michael Richards
invite you to a rehearsal dinner
in honor of
Becky Richards and Bryan Houfflin
Saturday, the first of June
5:30 in the evening
Mama Paserelli's Restaurant

Regrets only: Laurie Richards

Other Wedding Week Activities

Before or after the Big Day, you or your fiancé may host other wedding activities, such as:

  • Pre-wedding bridesmaid luncheon
  • After-Wedding Brunch
  • Groomsmen Golf Outing
  • Wedding guest barbecue mingle

If you want your guests to participate in fun wedding weekend activities, your invitation will depend on how big and formal your occasion – just like with rehearsal dinner invitations. Keep these invitations simple and use the same format as your rehearsal dinner. If you're having a big wedding and want to easily inform guests where they have to be and when, post it on your wedding webpage, as well as sending your invitations.

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