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Wedding stationery is the ultimate tipping point, sending brides and grooms from cool, calm and collected to stressed and struggling faster than you can say reception only invitation. The wedding etiquette experts at Storkie Express are here to make sure the fear of wedding invitation faux pas' don't overshadow the joy of the occasion by answering all your wedding stationery questions.

  • What should I do? The Ultimate Guide has 11 chapters covering the conventions of engagement announcements, bridal shower invitations, wedding invitations, and more!

  • What should I say? Browse all our invitation wording examples for formal and casual weddings, blended families, traditional families - whatever the situation, the Ultimate Guide has your invitations wording handled.

  • When should I order & send? Follow the step-by-step guide on when to order and when to send your wedding invitations and announcements.

  • What should I include? Fun and helpful tips and explanations on each piece of wedding stationery help smooth out the planning process, be it for a traditional or non-traditional wedding.

  • What’s my next step? Come peruse our Ultimate Guide to Wedding Invitations Wording & Announcements Etiquette, your one-stop, all-inclusive ebook on everything wedding stationery.

Ultimate Wedding Invitations Guide

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Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Newspaper Engagement Announcements Wording & Etiquette

Chapter 2: Wedding Save the Date Card Wording & Etiquette

Chapter 3: Wedding Invitations Wording & Etiquette

Chapter 4: Wedding Reception Invitations Wording & Etiquette

Chapter 5: Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Invitations Wording & Etiquette

Chapter 6: Wedding Party Invitations Wording & Etiquette

Chapter 7: Bridal Shower Invitations Wording & Etiquette

Chapter 8: Bachelorette Party Invitations Wording & Etiquette

Chapter 9: Wedding Programs Wording & Etiquette

Chapter 10: Wedding Thank You Cards Wording & Etiquette

Chapter 11: Wedding Announcements Wording & Etiquette