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Chapter 11: Wedding Announcements

It's almost over: the planning, the invitations, the parties, the presents, the endless thank you cards. After this final (and optional!) wedding announcement, you can say "goodbye" to hand-addressing envelopes and start your new married life. Congratulations!

The wedding announcement is optional. They are most commonly sent when a wedding ceremony is very small or in the case of an elopement so extended family and friends are aware that a wedding took place and that the bride or groom took on a new, married last name.

The bride's parents traditionally were responsible for sending out the wedding announcements, but this practice has evolved with everything else so that conventions are more flexible. Now, it is socially acceptable for either the parents of the married couple to send out announcements, or the couple themselves.

Riding High Wedding Announcements

What to Include in a Wedding Announcement

Wedding announcements are short and concise. Their function is to inform their recipients of the basic details of the marriage.

Details to include

  • Name of bride and groom
  • Name of the parents (especially if they are sending the announcements)
  • The date of the wedding ceremony

Storkie Tip: For a more casual
wedding announcement, consider
putting an announcement in a local
or community newspaper. See
chapter one and engagement
announcements for a few ideas.

Wedding Announcement Formats

Formal wedding announcement cards are sent in much the same way as wedding invitations, with both an inner and outer envelope. They can match the wedding invitations (if the ceremony wasn't an elopement) or be unique to this occasion.

Like the wedding invitation, wedding announcements should all be hand addressed.

Etiquette for Acknowledging Recipients

Who receives wedding announcements

Wedding announcements inform those who were not invited to the wedding of your recent marriage. This includes extended family, co-workers, acquaintances and community members.

Wedding announcements should be addressed with the same conventions of the wedding invitation. See chapter 3 if you need a refresher!

When to Order Wedding Announcements

Because wedding announcements are the last thing a couple has to worry about, there is some flexibility regarding when you can order your wedding announcements. However, it is recommended to purchase wedding announcements as soon as all the details of the wedding are finalized so busy couples don't forget. Visit our wide variety of Wedding Announcement formats at Storkie.com.

When to Send Wedding Announcements

Wedding announcements are designed to be sent out the day following the wedding ceremony, but "as soon as possible" is the rule of thumb. For small weddings with private ceremonies, announcements should be sent out within a couple of weeks. For elopements, announcements can be sent out up to year after the event. Announcements should never be sent before the ceremony takes place.

Popular Wedding Announcement Wording

Parents sending wedding announcements

Mr. and Mrs. Rick Stonson
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Peterson
are honored to announce the marriage of
Lilly Stonson
Mr. Ryan Peterson
on Saturday, the sixth of September
two thousand and ten in Lexington, Kentucky

The couple sending wedding announcements

Lilly Stonson
Mr. Ryan Peterson
announce their marriage
on the Saturday, the sixth of September
two thousand and ten in Lexington, Kentucky

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