Stay Lifted was started by artist/mom/volunteer/business woman - Charissa Ware. The driving force behind her designs is to offer multicultural stationery that is stylish, unique, dynamic and celebrates diversity. Charissa is passionate about paper, colorful images and the belief that stationery can raise people's spirits and bring a sparkle of joy to their busy lives. Stay Lifted first partnered with Storkie in the summer of 2014.

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According to Charissa - “Stay Lifted isn't just our company name or an expression... It's a lifestyle." Inspired by simpler times when letter writing and handwritten notes trumped email and generic messages, Stay Lifted strives to share smiles, high fives, fist pumps, laughter, head-nods, hugs, kisses and the occasional finger point through stationery. And to provide just the right LIFT at the right time.”


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