At Storkie Express we put quality first, which is why we use the latest, cutting edge printer technology.
Depending on the product,
we use one of four printing processes:
Thermography (Raised Printing) 

The Thermography Process involves printing machines that produce raised lettering similar in appearance to engraving. During the thermography process, a special powder is added to the wet ink text that is printed on the card stock. The printed piece is then heated and the powder and ink mixture dry to form a beautiful, raised effect on the paper. Ordering with Storkie Express, you not only see the difference, but feel it as well.
High Resolution Digital Press (Flat Printing)

Items with Flat Printing use the highest quality digital printing press available. Our digital press features exceptional color image quality, with Automatic Image Enhancement and ICC profile matching. The print quality is similar to flat offset printing with bright, long-lasting colors. HP patented dry inks produce excellent fine line rendering and benchmark color gamut.
Foil Stamping (Flat text/graphics)

Foil printing is an inline process that uses a standard printing plate to apply the adhesive onto the paper. The adhesive is then used to transfer the foil onto the paper.

Storkie commonly uses Foil Stamping for darker color papers that are difficult to imprint with regular ink (due to readability concerns) or for items like napkins that cannot be imprinted on a standard printing press.

Letterpress is a printing technique that embeds the artwork into the paper. The plates used in letterpress printing are called relief plates, meaning that the image area to be printed is raised from the surface of the plate. The press operator handsets and hand inks the plates that are used to imprint the designs and lettering onto the paper. The letterpress works to sink the image into the surface of the paper, creating a textured, 3 dimensional design. The process of letterpress printing is a tedious labor-intensive craft that requires the utmost attention to detail. Today, after centuries of change and technological advances in printing methods, the processes and craft of letterpress printing have remained virtually unchanged.
Custom Candy Imprinting

Storkie's custom printed candy is created using a patented, revolutionary Food Imaging System. This incredible system enables the printing of high-resolution, full color pictures, images and text directly onto the surface of various food products such as cookies, lollipops and mints. This amazing system, matched with Storkie's cutting edge iDesign system allows customers to easily create and design unique and delicious personalized products.
If you have any questions about our products or printing techniques, please call or email us.

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