All About Marriage Announcements
Wedding Announcements are the perfect way to let friends and family know about your marriage, your new address, and your married name. Marriage Announcements have the following information: the full names of you and your spouse, both sets of parents’ names, date of the marriage. Marriage Announcements sometimes also include more specifics of the wedding, including wedding time and location.
Wedding Announcements are typically sent out after a couple elopes or after a small wedding ceremony to which many friends and family were not invited. The purpose of Wedding Announcements is to let friends and family know about the new marriage. A useful tip before ordering Marriage Announcements is to check with both sets of parents for names of people they would like to receive the announcement.
Etiquette for Marriage Announcements dictates that gifts are typically not to be expected. If a wedding gift is received, standard thank you card etiquette and protocol remain in place.
With a wide selection of Marriage Announcements to meet every style design and taste, you are sure to find the Marriage Announcements that convey the specialness of your event. Personalize your chosen design to create a unique, customized Marriage Announcement to help commemorate this tremendous occasion.