Things to Know About Magnetic Invitations

Send your family and friends a keepsake memory of your special day that will last for years to come.

Magnet Birth Announcements, Christening Invitations, and Baby Shower Invitations are perfect for sticking on most refrigerators or office filing cabinets.

After all, that is where most of your friends and loved ones will end up putting your photos, announcements and invitations anyways!

Magnetic Invitations create a unique and unforgettable impression; these invitations let your guests know that they are being invited to a truly memorable event. Our Magnetic Invitations are fully magnetized (unlike other companies that offer paper invitations with a magnetic strip affixed to the back). Magnetic Invitations also serve as fantastic party favors and keepsakes. You can never go wrong ordering Magnetic Invitations.

The great thing about Magnetic Invitations is that they will be prominent in your guests’ homes. While it is easy to misplace or forget about an invitation placed in a stack of papers, what is more visible than an invitation on your guests’ refrigerators?

Magnetic Invitations may require additional postage, but this is a worthy extra few cents: a unique, fresh twist to conventional invitations. We offer high quality Magnetic Card Stock, ensuring lasting magnet power and a solid feel. Our Magnetic Invitations are custom-printed on 20 mils heavy magnet stock. Our high quality Magnetic Invitations are available in three sizes with rounded corners: Large (5.7” X 7.7”), Medium (5.5” X 5.5”), and Small (4.125” X 5.625”). The Large and Small Magnetic Invitations can be portrait or landscape layout.

If you are looking for a great hot new invitation type, definitely consider Magnetic Invitations – way more likely to make it onto your guests’ fridges and in the spotlight. Browse our extensive collection available as a Magnetic Invitation, and discover the difference.

Here are answers to our most Frequently Asked Magnet Questions:

Is there a minimum order quantity?

Yes. Because of the special nature of magnetic invitations, ordering quantities are tiered, starting at 24 for small and medium sized magnets, and starting at 20 for large sized magnets.

Are envelopes included?

Yes. The magnet does include a corresponding white envelope.

Will the magnets fade?

We use a cutting edge digital press for our magnets. The printed portion of the magnet is a coated, glossy material.

Our magnets will resist fading and discoloration just as well as a professionally developed photograph.

What size are the magnet cards?

The magnets are available in 3 sizes:

  • Small - measures 5.625 inches X 4.125 inches - $1.99 each
  • Medium - measures 5.5 inches X 5.5 inches - $2.39 each
  • Large - measures 5.7 inches X 7.7 inches - $2.85 each

How thick and heavy is the magnet?

The finished magnet is over 20 mils thick, or roughly three times as thick as a standard photograph.

The combined weight of the magnet and mailing envelope is under 1 ounce, meaning that for the small and large versions, one first class stamp will mail your magnet card.

Is extra postage required?

The one size that requires extra postage is our medium size magnets.  This is because they are square and have a square envelope.

Neither the small or large require extra postage.

Will the magnet stick to any surface?

It sticks well to most clean metal surfaces, ideal for most non-stainless steel refrigerators and/or office filing cabinets.

What type of photos do you accept for the magnet cards?

We can use a digital photo (please save digital pictures in the highest resolution that your camera supports and send to us in .jpg or .tif format), or a regular photo (which will be scanned).

If you want to use a photograph taken by a professional photographer, please email or fax us the Storkie Express copyright release form signed by the photographer.