1) Semi-Translucent Inks

Letterpress Inks are water-based and partially translucent. Unlike other types of inks that apply a solid color, letterpress inks are partially transparent and will result in the underlying paper/fibers being visible.

Any printed area will have a "suede-like" appearance.

2) Texture of Ink for Solid Areas/Fills

When printing designs with a heavy solid/fill, a texture like shown in the inner-circle of the image below is common. This effect is not attributed to ink "running out". Rather, it is part of the letterpress printing process and the absorption properties of the Crane Cotton Stock.

3) Ink Color Consistency

Unlike Digital Printing, with Letterpress, each card is printed one at a time, and the color can (and likely will) vary from card to card. This characteristic is especially noticeable when reordering (and the time between the original order and reorder is greater than 1 month).

4) Cotton Card Stock

Our Letterpress Card Stock is a high quality Cotton Crane Cotton Card Stock (available in either 110 lb./300 GSM or 220 lb./600 GSM paper weights).

5) Impression Depth

Varies based on the limitation of the card stock weight. Typically, the thicker the card stock, the deeper the impression. If you are looking for the deepest possible depth for that “real letterpress look” we suggest purchasing the heaviest stock available.