Glitter Considerations

ArrowsEach glittered card is unique is the exclusive provider of this special printing technique that adds sparkle to your card. Every card that is glittered may have a slightly different glitter effect.

Please take into consideration the below two important points when choosing to add glitter to your design.

ArrowsGlitter flecks may spread

Glitter will be concentrated in the intended main areas as part of the design, but there will be natural movement of glitter flecks to other parts of the card (including the back side of the card).

Glitter Flecks

ArrowsGlitter positioning is not 100% precise

The glitter's positioning is not 100% exact on every card. The placement will be a close overlay on the design, but may not overlay precisely. This is a part of the printing process that cannot be controlled.

Glitter Precision

If you are like us, you realize that glitter is unique and adds a fun dimension to the card. In other words, it is totally worth it!

Read more about the glitter effect on our Glitter Page.