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1st Birthday Invitations Wording Ideas

Storkie Express is the source for all your personalized first birthday invitation needs, so let us help with your first birthday invitation wordings! All of the text on our custom-printed first birthday invitations can be fully personalized. As guidance, we offer the following 1st birthday invitations wording to help you choose the text that suits you best. Pick from any of our first birthday invitation wording suggestions, or mix and match with your own ideas.

Storkie’s beautiful and custom first birthday wordings can be used on a wide range of first birthday stationary, including first birthday invitations, 1st birthday thank you cards, party favors, postage stamps, and more! Choosing the wording for first birthday party invitations is made even more exciting and easy-to-use in iDesign, where you can see exactly how your 1st birthday invitations wording looks as you design it.

You are a few short steps away from where you can choose from the beautiful first birthday wording options shown below:

"B" is for Birthdays,
bright and sunny,
With lots of treats,
sweet and yummy!
____ will soon finish his first year.
We're planning a big party
and we hope that you'll be here!
_______ is turning "one"
there will be fun galore
Please help us celebrate
on this important date!
_______ is turning 1.
Join us for fun music and girly things galore!
It's as easy as 1-2-3 A party is planned
this is when it will be!
is turning One!
_________________is turning One!
_____'s 4th birthday will be great
Please join us to celebrate!
A birthday party with fun galore.
Our little baby is turning ONE!
A double celebration for a special girl and boy.
Join in the festivities and share
the fun and joy!
A little cake, a lot of fun.
A little host who's turning ONE!
Balloon and streamers and lots of fun!
_________ is turning ONE!
Basketball, baseball, which will it be?
Football or soccer, we'll just
wait and see!
Cake and icing in the hair. . .
I am ONE Year Old so I don’t care!
Pictures, balloons, presents for me,
I’d rather have the box, if you please!
Choo Choo . . .
Hop on board and join the Fun!
Come and join my 1st Birthday Celebration!
Pizza, Cokes and a Pony, what fun!
Come join us for a Dynomite time at
Come to my party, what fun it will be.
Gee! I'm turning one.
We’ll be looking for you at
Hurry, hurry don't be late,
We need you here to celebrate!
Ice cream and cake, what fun it will be.
Our little girl / boy is turning one!
Ice cream, cake and fun with you, all for our little girl who's turning ONE!
Ice cream, cake.what fun it will be! Our little girl/boy is turning ONE!
It's a Birthday Pool Party for _______ as HE/SHE turns the ONE!
It's as simple as A-B-C.
A birthday's more fun
if you share it with me!
My name is ____ and I'm going to be ONE
Come to my Birthday Party and
celebrate with me!
One little candle placed on the cake
One little wish to make!
One little candle placed on the cake.
One first birthday wish to make!
Our little all-star is about to turn ONE.
So we're having a party that's sure to be fun!
Our little girl is turning TWO . . .
We just can’t wait to celebrate with you!
Our little slugger is always on the go
Our Birthday Boy is almost ready to turn Pro!
Our special little boy/girl is turning ONE
join us for cake and Birthday Fun!
Please join us for some 1st Birthday cheer!
Please join us for some Birthday fun.
Our little girl / boy is turning ONE!
Sail on over for some birthday fun.
____ is turning ONE!
This is a party you just can't skip It's gymnastics and you're going to flip! We'll jump, roll and hop
The fun will never stop!
This is a party you just can't skip, It's gymnastics and you're going to flip!
Time sure flies when I'm having fun.
Come to my party, I'm turning ONE!
Turning ONE is so much fun. Let's have a party second to none!
Help us celebrate ________'s
One . . . One . . .
Please join us to celebrate
First Birthday
Two special birthdays are almost here.
Come join us for some 1st birthday cheer!
Vroom Vroom . . .
Race on over and join the Fun!
Help us Celebrate as
We'll jump, roll and hop, The fun will never stop!
We're blowing up balloons and icing the cake . . .
There's a big party that we hope you can make!
With four bright eyes and two wide grins,
it's the 1st birthday party for our Twins!
You are invited to

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