All About Birthday Invitations
Birthday or B'days is the name given to the date of the anniversary of a person's birth. People in many cultures celebrate this anniversary. In some languages, the word for Birthday literally translates as "anniversary". Birthdays are traditionally marked by celebrations including a Birthday party or, in some particular cases, a rite of transition. Birthday Invitations may be either informal or formal, typically differing depending upon whether for a child or adult.
Both Children and Adult Birthdays can be celebrated with a party, and every party benefits from an invitation. Get the word out about your Birthday celebration by mailing your Birthday Invitations in a timely manner: typically guests should have at least three weeks notice of the event. Birthday celebrations that are less formal may have less notice, though of course the more notice given to guests, the more likely all your guests will be able to make it.
If you wait too long to mail your Birthday Invitations, you may want to hand deliver them to guests. For Children Birthday celebrations, many of the guests are likely reachable at your child’s school, providing an easy opportunity to get the Birthday Invitations out for your child’s Birthday celebration. For Adult Birthday celebrations and more formal parties, making sure to have enough time to mail the Birthday Invitations always makes things easier. While last minute Birthday Invitations are still appropriate, the more heads up a guest can receive, the better.
Many cultures have one or more coming of age Birthdays warranting Birthday Invitations:
  • - Jewish boys have a Bar Mitzvah on or around their 13th birthday. Jewish girls observe a Bat Mitzvah on or around their 12th birthday, or sometimes on or around their 13th birthday in Reform and Conservative Judaism.
  • - In some Christian traditions, generally Catholic and Anglican, Confirmation is the ritual by which a young person receives a Sacrament thought to bestow certain gifts of the Holy Spirit. The timing of the reception of this Sacrament serves, on a sociological level, as a sort of "rite of passage" into adulthood.
  • - In Latin America the Quinceañera celebration traditionally marks a girl's 15th birthday.
  • - Some girls and a few boys in the United States have "Sweet Sixteen" birthday parties.
  • - In the United Kingdom 18th and 21st are traditional coming of age birthdays
  • - In many Asian countries, the 14th birthday is celebrated as the day one becomes a man, or a woman, in society.