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Baby Shower Wording Ideas Verses and Sayings

Let Storkie Express help with your baby shower wording... Storkie is the source for all your personalized Baby Shower Invitations needs. And all of the text on our custom printed baby shower invitations can be fully personalized! As guidance we offer the following baby shower wording, ideas, sayings, and verses to help you choose the text that suits you best. You can use one of our baby shower invitation wording suggestions or use your own or mix and match.

Storkie offers unique custom baby shower stationery that can be personalized for a wide range of shower related stationery, including: baby shower invitations, baby shower thank you cards, baby shower party favors, baby shower custom photo stamps, and much more. Choosing the wording for baby shower invitations is even more exciting in iDesign as you can visualize exactly how your baby shower invitations wording looks on your chosen design.

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Tiny fingers, tiny toes,
little itty-bitty clothes
Dresses, dolls, hair and curls
Guess what . . . It's a Girl!

_____'s baby is on the way
Let's get her prepared for the big day
We'll shower her with gifts for the little one
Be sure not to miss out on all the fun!

A Baby Shower is forecasted for

A baby shower is planned because
____ has had a bellyfull for 9 months!

A beautiful little girl to play with and adore . . .
To spoil a little and love a lot,
Who could ask for more!

A boy is on his way, so let’s celebrate
before the big day!

A new little baby is on the way,
so please reserve this special day!

Baby Angel, welcome to this Earth
Our whole wide world awaits your birth!

Be it a boy or a girl, we simply can't say.
But let's shower the mommy
before the delivery day!

Because ______ is having more than one!

Bottles and Booties
Diapers and pins
This is where the love begins!

Bottles and booties n' bibs and more,
Let's shower the baby
with gifts galore!

Bottles and booties n' bibs and more,
Let's shower the baby with gifts galore!

Bottles and Booties, Diapers and Pins
This is where the love begins!

Cars & trucks or ribbons & bows.
What are they having?
Nobody knows!

Catch up with us at an All Star Baby Shower
in honor of

Come join us for a Dynomite Baby Shower
in honor of

Diapers and bibs, bottles and more,
That's what Baby Showers are for!

Double the diapers, double the pins,
the _____ are expecting twins!

Fishing around for any clue . . .
all we know is that there will be TWO!

Have you heard what's new?
_________ will soon be due.
All we need to celebrate is you!

Heard the forecast, a baby is predicted?
But first there will be a Shower!

In the jungle, the mighty jungle a baby sleeps tonight . . .

Is it blue, or is it pink?
It's one of each, or so we think!

It will be double the pleasure and double the fun
because ______ are having more than one!

Join us for a Baby Shower
in honor of

Join us for a Baby Shower that is sure to be wild,
Celebrating the _____'s
soon-to-arrive child!

Join us for an All Star Baby Shower
in honor of

Join us to celebrate the impending arrival
of _____ new baby

Join us to celebrate the impending arrival of _____ New Kid On The Block!

Little Boy Blue Come Blow Your Horn . . .
A New Little Davis Will Soon Be Born!

Love, joy and wonderful dreams
all the sweet things a new baby brings

Love, joy and wonderful things,
all the special things a baby brings!

Nine month forecast!
A baby is predicted,
But first there will be a Shower . . .

One night of passion and what do you get?
A Baby Shower!

Pink or Blue, We Have No Clue . . .
It’s a Baby Shower for

Please come to a Baby Shower honoring

Please help us welcome
_______'s new baby
at a Baby Shower

Please join our celebration on

Please join us "Fore" a Baby Shower
in honor of

Please join us as we celebrate
the upcoming arrival of
______'s new baby

Please join us for a Twins Baby Shower in honor of

Pretty bonnets, bows and lace frame her
tiny precious face!

Rattles, blocks, blankets and more
Let's Shower ____ soon-to-arrive baby
with gifts galore!

Red, green, blue and yellow,
We're throwing a Shower for
the ____'s little fellow!

Soft as a whisper, so precious and sweet
Tiny perfection from her head to her feet!

Tea parties, baby dolls and dress up clothes . . .
Butterfly kisses, ribbons and bows!

The ____ family tree is growing!

The _____ Family is growing by two feet . . .

The _____ have a
Work of Art in progress!

The bassinet is ready.
The baby will soon be here!
It's a Baby Shower!

The most Valuable Baby is on the way,
So please come and Celebrate on this day!

The time has come
_____ is almost due,
We’ve planned a Baby Shower
so start thinking in ‘blue’!

There’s A New Chief On The Way . . .
But first there will be a Shower honoring

They're expecting a baby, a new bundle of joy
A very special gift, be it a girl or a boy!

Tiny fingers, tiny toes,
Little itty-bitty clothes
Dolls, ribbons and hair to curl
Guess what. . . It’s a Girl!

Tiny yawns and sleepy sighs,
Nursery rhymes and lullabies
Please join us for a Baby Shower honoring

Twice as precious and twice as much fun,
The _____ have been blessed two times
rather than one!

Twinkle, twinkle little star,
how we wonder what you are!

We are all excited and happy as can be
because ____ and ____ will soon be three!

We are tickled pink and happy to say,
The _____ Baby is on the way
A giggle, a coo and a cute little curl,
our Mommy-to-be is expecting a girl!

We are tickled pink and happy to say.
An adorable little boy/girl is on the way!

We can Bear-ly wait for the new bundle of joy
Guess what . . . It's a Boy!

We have the formula for fun!
A Baby Shower for

The pitter-patter of little feet
are tapping on her tummy...
We'd better hurry and shower
with bottles, bibs and bunnies!

Come join the celebration,
we have much anticipation.
Oh, the wonder and the joy
of the expected baby boy!

We're Lining Up A Baby Shower
in honor of

We're thinking pink and we're happy to say,
That _______ have a baby girl on the way!

A baby is cuddles and tickles on toes, the sweet scent of powder, a kiss on the nose
Soft and sweet with a smile so bright, a dream come true, love at first sight.

There's simply nothing half as sweet as tiny little baby feet

We're tickled pink and happy to say,
That _______ baby girl is on the way!

Will it be pink or will it be blue?
If ______ and _____ only knew!!!
Please join us for a Baby Shower in honor of

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