All About Baby Naming Invitations
A naming ceremony is the event at which an infant is given a name or names. They can occur anywhere from mere days after birth to several months afterwards. Some of these ceremonies have religious or cultural significance. In the Jewish tradition, baby girls go through a zeved habat, while baby boys undergo a brit milah. The girls undergo their naming ceremony at the first Shabbat following their birth, while boys are circumcised and named on the eighth day after their birth as part of their circumcision ceremony.
Baby Naming Invitations are used to inform friends and family of a celebration honoring the arrival of a new baby girl. Baby Naming Invitations should be sent to everyone who you think may want to share in the exciting and special news and attend the celebration. Baby Naming Invitations should be sent out to ensure sufficient notice of the event.
While there are many different designs to choose amongst, there is typically a consistent format to the text on Baby Naming Invitations. Of course, all text is customizable, personalizing your design and truly making your design yours. Typically, Baby Naming Invitations have an Introduction (a short passage from a poem, phrase, or quote), the Baby’s Name (often First and Middle Name), the Event Details (Event Date and Time, Event Location), Parents Names and often Godparents Names, Reception information, and RSVP information.
With a wide selection of cute Baby Naming Invitations to meet every style design and taste, you are sure to find the Baby Naming Invitations that convey your own specialness with this amazing moment in your family’s life. Personalize your chosen design to create a unique, customized memento to commemorate this tremendous occasion.