About iDesign

To learn more about iDesign, we have prepared a web demonstration that illustrates all of the amazing design features at your fingertips.

So sit back, relax and check out the most advanced Preview System for Customized Products on the Internet today!

Unlike other websites, we allow you to instantly customize and design directly on the product. With iDesign, you will never have to enter custom text in a pop-up window or upload your custom photo in a separate window. We know how frustrating it is to design using a rigid template or layout format. That's why we created iDesign - to empower you to view your changes immediately on your design in real-time. Plus you can move your text anywhere on the printable area by grabbing it and placing it wherever you see fit.

Move Text Tool

Not only does this amazing system allow you to change a product’s typestyle, ink color and/or text positioning, it also allows you to instantly view and manipulate your custom uploaded photographs directly on the item (no need to edit the photo in a separate window or editor). iDesign makes it easy to customize the look and feel of your photo in a variety of ways – you can enlarge the photo, shrink it, rotate it or re-position it differently. In addition, you can view it in color, black & white or in sepia tones.

How to Change Your Photo Color

iDesign also features an incredible "Alternate Wording" wizard. If you are not sure what to say on your card or invitation or are just looking for other great phrases/sayings, iDesign will offer in many cases over 75 wording ideas. Simply click on any of your text and the alternate wording samples will slide in from the right. If you find one (or more) that you like, you can then easily incorporate them into your design... The wording combinations and possibilities are virtually unlimited!

Alternate Wording Ideas

Another great feature of iDesign is your ability to save your design. If you are not ready to place your order or need a second opinion, you can easily save your design in your Storkie.com account. When ready, you can quickly resume designing or ordering at a later date.

Even with all the tools that we have made available to you to personalize your order, Storkie Express’ professional typesetters still view EVERY order prior to printing. You can “Approve” your item(s) exactly as you’ve created it, request that our professional typesetters make layout or text changes and/or request a proof prior to printing.

There simply isn't a custom preview system on the internet today that allows you to personalize your printed products as quickly and as easily as iDesign!

So, go ahead and give it a try today and start creating unique, totally personal designs!