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Chapter 10: Wedding Thank You Card Etiquette

Unfortunately, wedding planning doesn't end with the return flight from your honeymoon. As exciting as it sounds to dash home and rip open more gifts than the next four Christmases and birthdays combined, you might be overlooking the most important aspect of wedding etiquette - the wedding thank you card.

Get your pen and paper out because for every Kitchen Aid, candleholder and non-stick cookware you pull out of a box, it is customary to send a heartfelt handwritten thank you note. We know how daunting it sounds to write countless thank you notes for your new lifetime supply of slotted spoons, but it's not as big of chore as it sounds. Just stick with these tips and you'll be enjoying those wedding gifts before you know it.

Viva Victoria Wedding Thank You Cards

How to Prepare for Wedding Thank You Cards

Before you rip open your first wedding gift, find your wedding guest address list (you know, the same one you used to send wedding invitations in chapter 3.) Your wedding guest list is your holy grail when it comes to thank you cards. As you open the gifts, make a note with the guest's name and address and place it by their wedding gift.

What to Include in a Wedding Thank You Card

The thank you card serves two purposes: it tells your guests that you did receive the gift and lets them know that you are grateful for their gesture. This isn't an essay, so don't feel the need to be witty or original. Just a few handwritten words of gratitude are all you need.

Details to include

  • The name(s) of who supplied the gift
  • The name of the gift, and how it will be used
  • How thankful you and your spouse are for the gift

Additional details to include

  • Refer to any additional effort the guest went through
    • Long travel
    • A special toast
  • Add a line for guests unable to attend
  • A separate note for shower and engagement gifts
    • Even if you receive two gifts from the same person, each gift deserves a note

Storkie Tip: If the bride plans on
taking on her husband's name, only
include the married name on thank
you cards sent after the wedding.

Etiquette for Acknowledging Gifts

Traditional wedding thank you cards are hand written with blue or black ink on ivory or white notepaper. You may choose to sign with your name or initials, or you can use our Personalized Wedding Thank You Cards from Storkie for an extra special touch.

For every gift you receive, specify the gift in your thank you note. If you received multiples of the same gifts, try to be as specific as you can: "We've always wanted the Chrome 4 Slice Bread Toaster 4000."

Etiquette for Acknowledging Money

If you receive money, there is no need to acknowledge the amount. Etiquette dictates that you mention how you plan to use it: "Thank you for the generous gift. We plan on using it as part of a down payment on a car."

Perfect Pair Wedding Thank You Cards

Who Receives a Wedding Thank You Card

Anyone who sends you a gift or helps you with the wedding planning process should receive a thank you card. You may also choose to send wedding thank you cards to any professional that goes above and beyond your expectations.

When to Order Wedding Thank You Cards

If you plan to order personalized thank you cards, it is best to do so with your order of save the date cards and wedding invitations. Always order more thank you cards than invites because you will use them throughout your wedding planning process. Storkie has a wide variety of custom and personalized Wedding Thank You Cards designed for your convince.

When to Send Wedding Thank You Cards

Wedding thank you cards should go out for all gifts received before the wedding at least two weeks after their arrival. For all gifts received during and after the reception, newlywed couples have a month to two months from the end of their honeymoon to reply.

Flower Print Wedding Thank You Cards

Popular Wedding Thank You Card Wording

Thank you to a close friend or relative

Dear Grandma Ray,

Thank you for the beautiful Tiffany Silverware.
It's lovely, and Elwood and I are honored that
you gave us this special family heirloom. It was
wonderful to have you travel out for our
wedding - and your toast about Grandpa at the
reception touched our hearts. I can't wait to tell
you about the honeymoon and married life.

With love,

Thank you to an acquaintance or distant relative

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Roberts,

Thank you for the luxurious 500 count bed
sheets. We've never slept in something so regal,
and we're sure to enjoy them for many years to
come. It was wonderful to meet you at the
wedding, and we appreciate that you were able
to share this memorable day with us and our families.

With Love,
Elwood and Lindsey

Thank you if you do not like the gift

Dear Aunt Rosie,

Thank you for your gift of the antique doll.
You're very generous, and I know this gift
means the world to you. It was lovely to see you
at our wedding, and Elwood and I hope to see
you very soon.

With love,

Thank you for cash

Dear Uncle Rick,

I want to thank you for your generous gift
for our wedding. We plan on using it toward a
down payment on a new house. It was
wonderful to see you at the wedding, and
Lindsey and I hope to see you very soon.

With love,

Thank you to a guest who did not attend the wedding

Dear Uncle Jimmy,

Thank you so much for the season tickets to the
Mariners. I'm so sorry you were unable to
attend the wedding - it was as romantic and
special as we had hoped. The next time you're
in town, I'd love to take you to a game.

With love,

Thank you for a gift from the registry

Dear Aunt Rosie,

Thank you so much for the china set as a
wedding gift. Now Elwood and I have the
complete dinning set to serve eight. I'm sure
we'll use it for many years to come.

With love,

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