Invitation Calendar

With a wide range of invitations for every special event and moment in life, an Invitation Calendar comes in handy. Some events are once in a lifetime, others are once in a year, but with our broad invitation selection, we ensure that your custom personalized invitations are timeless. Below is an Invitation Calendar that correlates an Invitation Type with the typical time of the year.

New Years Cards: December 31st every year

Baby Shower Invitations: Typically 4-8 weeks before the Due Date

Birth Announcements: At baby's birth

Baptism Invitations (Christening Invitations): Typically when an infant, though in some denominations later on in life

Baby Naming Invitations: Typically in the first couple weeks after the baby girl's birth (unlike the bris for a boy which always occurs on the 8th day, time frames for Baby Namings are less firmly established)

Kids Birthday Invitations: All year long

Communion Invitations: Spring is Communion Season

Bar Mitzvah Invitations: Typically on the Saturday following the son's 13th Birthday (sometimes determined using the Hebrew Calendar)

Bat Mitzvah Invitations: Typically on the Saturday following the daughter's 12th Birthday or sometimes the 13th Birthday (sometimes determined using the Hebrew Calendar)

Quinceanera Invitations (Quinceañera Invitations): Typically on daughter's 15th Birthday or the nearest Saturday or Sunday to the 15th Birthday.

Sweet Sixteen Invitations (Sweet 16 Invitations): Typically on daughter's 16th Birthday or the nearest Friday or Saturday to the Sweet 16 Birthday.

Jewish Confirmation Invitations: Typically when 16 or 18 years old

Christian Confirmation Invitations: Typically early adolescence, and sometimes later in life as a mature statement of Faith

Graduation Invitations: Typically May or June, but may be at other ends of quarters or semesters (e.g. September, December, March)

Bridal Shower Invitations: Typically 4-6 weeks before the Wedding

Wedding Invitations: The traditional Wedding Season is Summer, with June being the most common month to get married. Though of course, Spring Weddings, Fall Weddings, and even Winter Weddings have their own special majesty.

Anniversary Invitations: All year long, often in the Summer since Summer Season is the most common Wedding Season

Birthday Invitations: All year long

Hanukkah Cards First Night: December 22, 2008; December 12, 2009; December 2, 2010; December 21, 2011; December 9, 2012; November 28, 2013

Christmas Cards : Eve December 24th every year (Christmas Day: December 25th)

Kwanzaa: December 26 - January 1 every year