All About Corporate Holiday Cards Invitations
Corporate Holiday Cards are a perfect way to send your company's holiday greetings and wishes during this festive time of the year. Proper Corporate Holiday Card etiquette is important because the greeting card you send represents your family, and you want to make sure to make the best possible impression. Variations of Corporate Holiday Cards include more general and more specific Corporate Holiday Cards: including Holiday, Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa graphics and greetings. New Years Greetings and Wishes are often included as well.
It is essential that your Corporate Holiday Card is mailed in time to arrive for the appropriate Holiday. Given the extra surge in mail during the Holiday Season, it is always a good idea to follow the following suggestion: order, address, and stamp your Corporate Holiday Cards before Thanksgiving; in early December you may want to write a few lines or a short personal message or add a signature; put in the mail around December 10th for Christmas or sooner for Hanukkah or Kwanzaa depending upon the date of the Holiday that year.
A Corporate Christmas Card is a greeting card sent as part of the traditional celebration of Christmas in order to convey between people a range of sentiments related to the Christmas season. Christmas cards are usually exchanged during the weeks preceding Christmas Day on December 25 by many people (including non-Christians) in Western society and in Asia. The traditional greeting inside a Christmas card often reads "wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year". There are innumerable variations on this greeting, many cards expressing more religious sentiment, or containing a poem, prayer or Biblical verse.
A Corporate Christmas Card is generally commercially designed and purchased for the occasion. The content of the design might relate directly to the Christmas narrative with depictions of the Nativity of Jesus, or have Christian symbols such as the Star of Bethlehem or a white dove representing both the Holy Spirit and Peace. Many Corporate Christmas Cards are secular and show Christmas traditions such as Santa Claus, objects associated with Christmas such as candles, holly and baubles, and Christmastime activities such as shopping and partying, or other aspects of the season such as the snow and wildlife of the northern winter. Many secular cards depict nostalgic scenes of the past such as crinolined shoppers in 19th century streetscapes. Many secular Corporate Christmas Cards are humorous, particularly in depicting the antics of Santa and his retinue.
Many people send cards to both close friends and distant acquaintances, potentially making the sending of Corporate Christmas Cards a multi-hour chore in addressing scores or even hundreds of envelopes. The greeting in the card can be personalized but brief, or may include a summary of the year's news. Because cards are usually exchanged year after year, the phrase "to be off someone's Christmas card list" is used to indicate a falling out between clients, employees, partners or associates.