Storkie is proud to offer Custom Bling such as acrylic Gemstones, Pearls, Glitter Domes and more for a select group of items.

Whenever you see this icon - it means that the item is "Blingable". Generally, Storkie offers multiple color options and styles for the Bling items, so be sure to check the "3D Bling" dropdowns for all available Bling colors.

Also, once you enter and preview your item, you can move the Bling anywhere on the printable area!

All Storkie Bling requires assembly, but the Bling does come with a sticky-back adhesive for you to hand-place on your item.  Assembly Instructions will be sent to you by email after your order is placed.

Storkie Bling is just one more way to dazzle your friends, family or guests and will surely make your customized design sparkle.


Gemstones Bling


Pearls Bling 

Glitter Domes: 

Glitter Domes Bling