35 of the Most Bizarre Wedding Invitations


Seen this wedding invitation hanging out on the web? The doctor and the two bit tramp. Taking “not good enough” to a whole other level.

The Doctor and the Two Bit Tramp Wedding Invitations

This one isn’t technically inviting you personally to the wedding, but slap on some overalls and kick off your shoes and I bet you could crash and fit right in.

Funny Wedding Announcements

Perhaps these guys are taking till death do us part a little too far with a straightjacketed bride and groom.

Committed Wedding Invitations

A wedding invitation posted on MySpace using flashing glitter graphics? Really though?

MySpace Glitter Wedding Invitations

Well, you can’t say that they don’t play well with each other.

Costume Wedding Invitations

Tacky is the word to describe the wedding invitations for Eva Longoria and Tony Parker’s Paris nuptials. Ignore the gaudy color scheme and we’re still stuck with a wacky Eiffel Tower pop out.

Eiffel Tower Pop Out Wedding Invitations

Wow. At least you know what it is. And to come armed.

Camo Wedding Invitation

In case a plain camouflage wedding invitation isn’t enough, here’s a hunter’s delight for the ladies. Tie ‘em up, gut ‘em and mount ‘em and you’ve got yourself a successfully hunted husband!

Wedding Hunting Season Wedding Invitations

No matter how you package it or dress it up with pearls and pink ribbons, that is a motorcycle with ghosts on it. Dare we say ghost riders?

Embossed Motorcycle Wedding Invitations

Ever heard of Katamari Damacy? It’s a Japanese video game where you start with a little ball (the katamari) and you keep rolling into “things” and gathering them up. Start with silverware and clothes and move up to furniture and people and eventually, houses and cities. By the end of the game you are literally rolling up the world.

Funny Wedding Announcements

There’s nerding out and then there’s NERDING out. While this is technically a rehearsal dinner invitation, surely the actual wedding invitation couldn’t have been much different.

Star Wars Rehearsal Dinner Invitations

Actually, this one may beat out Star Wars for the geekiest wedding invitation ever made.

Computer Keys Wedding Invitations

Who wouldn’t want to attend the wedding of the undead on Halloween? I mean, really, where else do you have to go?

Zombies Wedding Invitations

Avast and shiver me timbers! All aboard for this wedding invitation worded in pirate.

Ahoy There Matey! Wedding Invitations

You know those caricatures on the boardwalk in Atlantic City? Check out Josh Duhamel and Fergie’s wedding invitations that are meant to be a “work of art” according to their design agency.

Josh Duhamel and Fergie's Wedding Invitations

Ever had a brother who felt the need (and apparently had the time) to create your wedding invitation with Photoshop 10 or so times? While they probably didn’t use any of the 10, this is a creepy favorite.

Young Love Wedding Invitations

Growing old together is supposed to more of a metaphor than actually using software to age the bride and groom 40 years. Handsome couple though...

Growing Old Wedding Invitations

Ever seen an “ironic wedding invitation?” Me neither. But this over the top impressionist painting of chivalry paired with a “rockin’ BBQ” just might fit the definition.

Ironic Wedding Invitations

This Wii invitation starring Miis has been circulating around the internet and appeals to not only nerds, but geeks, dorks and dweebs as well.

Wii Miis Wedding Invitations

There’s Happily Ever After and there’s just too corny for words. Enough said.

Disney Cinderella Wedding Invitations

In a galaxy, far far away, a saga began in a Mt. Pleasant, Texas church. It was started with the Star War-iest wedding invitation to ever have been created. When your invitation includes the symbol for the Rebellion and the Star Wars rolling opening credits…you have gone to a place farther away that Tattooine.

Star Wars Wedding Invitations

Couldn’t find a Disney wedding invitation or received a cease and desist? Or simply couldn’t make up your mind on which Disney tale to feature? Fear not, this replica of all the Disney classics mashed into one is sure to please. For extra points, see how many copyright infringements you can spot.

Disney knock-off Wedding Save the Date Cards

Why wouldn’t you want to feature skeletons on your wedding invitation? Come witness true undying love and eternity with the spookiest bride and groom yet.

Skeletons Wedding Invitations

Go really goth with this Gothic Victorian inspired wedding invitation that looks like it was found in the back of an antique desk. Minus the 2008 wedding date of course.

Gothic Victorian Wedding Invitations

Saddle up and move ‘em out for this very western cowboy inspired wedding invitation. Complete with wanted poster, request for a posse and “hitchin’” you’ll be sure to arrive as the sun sets clad in your very best bandana and manure-free boots.

WANTED! Poster Wedding Invitations

Cover your eyes of kids! Here’s a bride who really is letting you know how she feels about weddings. Not every wedding invitation is actually an invitation it seems!

Ring Finger Wedding Invitations

Nothing like black roses to signify the uh, next stage in a new life. Who ever said black roses and death had to be exclusive to one another?

Black Rose Wedding Invitations

While technically not the official invitation, this imaginary example of Jenna Bush’s wedding invitation to Henry Hager will have you chortling on your way to any convention, be it Republican or Democrat.

Jenna Bush Wedding Invitations

Stick figures wedding invitations are great for the minimalist. Particularly when the invitation is labeled properly so there is no confusion over what it is.

Stick Figures Wedding Invitations

You know you want to go ahead and Photoshop an “I can haz luv luv?” across the front and send out this ulta cuddly wedding invitation of kittens.

I can haz luv Wedding Invitations

Oh those poor doggies. Dressing up in people clothes isn’t for every dog it seems.

Doggies Wedding Invitations

Even biker chicks need a little chic in their lives. That’s why Harley Davidson style wedding invitations were created.

Harley Wedding Invitations

Stop yourself and ask, “Is it too much?” If even a twinge of “yes” comes to mind, then yes, it is definitely too much.

Cinderella Wedding Invitations Set

The cotton candy of wedding invitations- lots of pink, flowers, ribbons, flash photography and makes you wonder what the price tag was.

Whole Lot of Pink Wedding Invitations Set

No list is complete with out an entry from Star Fleet. These Star Trek insignia wedding invitations are definitely professional, profound and well, pretty geeky.

Star Trek Wedding Invitations

Weddings truly are a personal experience and the invitations are no exception. So if zombies, comic book heroes, robots or bikers are you preferred theme, more power to you. But if you’d like to go a more traditional, classic or even couture route, check out Storkie’s collection of remarkable, yet not over the top, wedding invitations.