All About Birth Announcements
Birth Announcements are used to inform friends and family of the birth of your child. Birth Announcements should be sent to everyone who you think may want to share in the exciting and special news. Birth Announcements should be sent as close to the birth as possible. With so much happening around the time of your baby’s arrival, it is advised that you pick out the design and verse, address envelopes and buy stamps prior to the baby’s birth. This will ensure that you have a stress-free Birth Announcement experience. If you are unsure of the baby’s gender, pick a few Birth Announcement designs that can then be chosen from once the baby is born. If you know the gender of your baby, browse our incredibly cute Baby Boy Birth Announcements and Baby Girl Birth Announcements.
Birth Announcements are not printed until after the baby’s birth, because of the information unknown until after your baby’s birth: including child’s name, as well as date of birth, weight and height. After the baby arrives, you or your husband or friend can call or email us providing the baby’s information, which can then be included into your chosen design, printed and shipped to you so you can get the Birth Announcements in the mail as quickly as possible after your baby’s birth.
While there are many different designs to choose amongst, there is typically a consistent format to the text on Birth Announcements. Of course, all text is customizable, personalizing your design and truly making your design yours. Typically, Birth Announcements have an Introduction (a short passage from a poem, phrase, or bible quote), the Baby’s Name (often First and Middle Name), the Birth Details (Birth Date, Weight, and Length, Time and Place of Birth are sometimes also included), Parents Names and Sibling Names.
With a wide selection of cute Birth Announcements to meet every style design and taste, you are sure to find the Birth Announcement that convey your own specialness with this amazing moment in your family’s life. Personalize your chosen design to create a unique, customized memento to commemorate this tremendous occasion.