Wedding Photo Mousepad

Wedding Favors and Labels

Wedding Photo Mousepad Wedding Favors and Labels

Price And Quantity

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What better way to commemorate your wedding than a Photo Mousepad of the Big Day!

Now you can enjoy your favorite wedding photograph every time you sit down at the computer.

Upload your favorite photo and we'll reproduce it on a high-quality, cloth-top, rubber-bottom mousepad that measures 8-3/8" wide x 9-7/8" tall.

You can customize the mousepad to add text on the next page.

Mommatini Baby Shower Invitations
$14.99Per Mousepad

More Information

You will be able to select the typestyle and ink colors to use for your personalized text during the design process. Start by clicking on the green ‘Personalize and Continue’ button. We recommend using the default typestyle and ink colors.

Item Type: Mousepad with Photograph
Pad Dimensions: 8-3/8" wide x 9-7/8" (W x H)
Typestyle Shown: All Typestyles Available
Matching Ink Color: Black