Christmas Wreath 2 Envelope Seals

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Christmas Wreath 2 Envelope Seals Holiday Cards

Price And Quantity

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I understand that the card stock and color of the pocket may differ from my invitation/announcement card. Pocket and Card with the same Color name will likely not have the same shade/color tone.

Recommended Items


Round Envelope Seals are the perfect way to compliment the Invitation that you've chosen.

1 Sheet of Seals has 63 Seals. Order the number of Sheets you will need (for example - 1 sheet = 63 Seals, 2 sheets = 126 Seals, etc.)

Mommatini Baby Shower Invitations
$7.99Per Sheet of 63 Seals

More Information

Item Type: Round Envelope Seal Labels
Seal Dimensions: 1.0" X 1.0" (W x H)
Printing Process: Digital Press
Seals per Sheet:
63 Round Seals per Sheet
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