Shoe Bouquet Postage Stamps

Shoe Bouquet Postage Stamps 

Price And Quantity

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I understand that the card stock and color of the pocket may differ from my invitation/announcement card. Pocket and Card with the same Color name will likely not have the same shade/color tone.

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Storkie has teamed up with to offer exclusive, custom designs on real United States Postage stamps. They are the perfect complement to your Custom Invitation.

Impress your guests or recipients with an envelope mailed with your design on the United States Postal Service Stamp. Custom Postage Stamps are a fun and easy way to add flair and a "Wow Factor" to your envelopes!

Note: Custom Postage Stamps must be ordered in quantities of sheets. There are 20 Stamps per sheet.

All Custom Postage Stamps Orders Ship Separately from They will not arrive with your other items!

Mommatini Baby Shower Invitations
$.00Per Sheet of 20 Stamps