Custom Holiday Stamps

Looking for something unique to truly impress your friends and family? Check out Storkie's selection of custom postage stamps and photostamps! Custom Postage Stamps are a fun and easy way to add flair and a "Wow Factor" to your envelopes! Impress your guests or recipients with an envelope mailed with your very own design or photo on a United States Postal Service Stamp.

Custom postage stamps come in sheets of 20 stamps per sheet, and you can match your stamp to your invitation, announcement, or card for the "complete" look. Custom photo stamps feature your submitted photo, and are unique addition to everyday mailings. Whether the photo is of your baby, your family, or yourself, the recipient is sure to mention how cool it is. In addition to the standard 44 cent stamps, for oversized and overweight mailings you can order 62 cent custom stamps.