Wedding Party Favors

Weddings are a once in a lifetime event. So you want your wedding to be remembered by all your friends, family and honored guests, right? You will receive hundred of pictures, a wedding video, and a lifetime of wedded bliss with your new spouse, but what will your wedding guests receive? Whatever the theme of your wedding, rehearsal dinner, bachelorette party or bridal shower, we have wedding party favors and high quality affordable wedding favors to make the occasion even more memorable!

At Storkie Express we have a wide array of wedding party favors that can be chosen to fit the personalities of the bride and groom or the theme, style of color motif of the wedding. In addition to serving as a great way to help remember your beautiful day, our high quality affordable wedding favors serve as great complements to wedding décor, taking everything up a notch, and adding a festive look to any wedding layout.

Weddings are not just about the wedding ceremony, there are many events leading up to the actual marriage. We carry an extensive collection of wedding party favors and personalized affordable wedding favors for bridal and wedding events including bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, wedding showers, wedding teas, and of course, the actual wedding.

From fun and flirty to seasonal favors to traditional and time tested, our wedding party favors travel the spectrum to ensure that there is something to suit any wedding or wedding event. Many of the designs and themes of our wedding party favors coordinate with our wedding invitations. Our collection of classic and elegant affordable wedding favors also coordinate well with our wedding invitations and make a nice touch to an engagement party, wedding shower, rehearsal dinner, wedding reception, or anniversary.

We also carry address labels and envelope seals with beautiful graphics matching many of our wedding invitations, announcements and save the date cards. These are a great way to personalize your wedding favors and add an extra distinct touch to your guests’ mementos. Personalized wedding favors are a creative way to make your reception tables that much more intimate, that much more individual and special to your day.

Choose from the wide collection of classic wedding favors from Storkie Express and show your guests just how much you appreciate having them share your very special day!