All About Wedding Invitations

A wedding is a ceremony that celebrates the beginning of a marriage or civil union. Wedding traditions and customs vary greatly between cultures, ethnic groups, religions, countries, and social classes. In some countries, cultures and religions, the actual act of marriage begins during the wedding ceremony. In others, the legal act of marriage occurs at the time of signing a marriage license or other legal document, and the wedding is then an opportunity to perform a traditional ceremony and celebrate with friends and family. A woman being married is called a bride, a man called a groom, and after the ceremony they become a wife or a husband, respectively.

Wedding Invitations are used to inform friends and family of a celebration honoring the Wedding ceremony. Wedding Invitations should be sent to everyone who you may want to share in the exciting and special event and attend the celebration. Wedding Invitations should be sent out to ensure sufficient notice of the event. Typically in addition to the Wedding Invitations, often also included in the envelopes to guests are Wedding Directions Cards, optional Wedding Reception Cards, and Wedding Response Cards.

While there are many different designs to choose amongst, there is typically a consistent format to the text on Wedding Invitations. Of course, all text is customizable, personalizing your design and truly making your design yours. Typically, Wedding Invitations have an Introduction (a short passage from a poem, phrase, or quote), the Honoree’s Name (often First and Last Name), the Event Details (Event Date and Time, Event Location), Parents Names. Typically separate insert cards are included with Reception information, RSVP information, and Directions.

With a wide selection of Wedding Invitations to meet every style design and taste, you are sure to find the Wedding Invitations that convey your own specialness with this amazing moment in your family’s life. Personalize your chosen design to create a unique, customized memento to commemorate this tremendous occasion.