Hot Momma Candy Wrapper Baby Shower Invitations

Hot Momma Baby Shower Candy Bar Wrappers
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Hot Momma Candy Wrapper

Personalized Candy Bar Wrappers

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Product Description

Looking for a sweet way to commemorate your baby shower? Recipients will be thrilled with this unique and delicious favor!

"Hot Momma" features a contemporary expecting mother strolling through a park. Wearing funky periwinkle shades, a raspberry scarf (blowing in the wind) a green tank top and tan Capri's, this is one "Hot Momma". In her left hand she holds a 3-dip ice cream cone (raspberry, pistachio and lemon); and in her right hand she clasps a light blue shopping bag. A small green dog begs for attention at her black stiletto clad feet.

Wrappers come unassembled; you may add the Assembly service for an additional $1.20 each. This service includes the 1.55 oz. Hershey's® Candy Bar.

If you prefer to order the wrappers unassembled, you must buy the chocolate separately. The wrapper is designed to fit a 1.55 oz. Hershey's® Candy Bar. Note: foil is not included. Our wrappers fit directly over the Hershey's® Candy Bar Wrapper.

Note: for unassembled orders, we will provide wrapping instructions by email.

More Information

You will be able to select the typestyle and ink colors to use for your personalized text during the design process. Start by clicking on the green CLICK TO CUSTOMIZE button. We recommend using the default typestyle and ink colors.

Item Description
Item Type: Candy Bar Wrapper
Candy Bar Wrapper Dimensions: 5.50 X 5.60 (W x H)
Printing Process: Digital Press
Paper: Coated Wrapperstock
Typestyle Shown: Freehand
Matching Ink Color: Black

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