Dress Up Momma Envelope Seals Baby Shower Invitations

Dress Up Momma Envelope Seals
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Dress Up Momma Envelope Seals

Baby Shower Envelope Seals

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Product Description

Envelope Seals are the perfect way to complement the Invitation, Announcement, or Card that you've chosen.

They truly enhance the beauty of the card that you're sending. Envelope Seals can also be purchased for any use, not just for the back of your envelopes. However you choose to use these Seals, they add flair and specialness to the item they will be affixed to!

1 Sheet of Seals has 63 Seals. Order the number of Sheets you will need (for example - 1 sheet = 63 Seals, 2 sheets = 126 Seals, etc.)

More Information

Item Description
Item Type: Round Envelope Seal Labels
Seal Dimensions: 1.0" X 1.0" (W x H)
Printing Process: Digital Press
Seals per Sheet: 63 Round Seals per Sheet

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