p fi030106ginow002cobra Yoga at WorkAt Storkie, we sit when we work. I rarely go to the office but when I do, I marvel at the ability of the Storkie staff to be so efficient, so pleasant on the phone with customers, and so cheerful and positive when they sit all day. Yes, their chairs are ergonomic and comfortable, but they still sit. In my job, I sit to write but I am home most days and I have time to exercise, grocery shop and cook, and of course walk around to do “things” in the house.

A few weeks ago when I went to the office after returning from a yoga class, I felt so relaxed and happy. When I got to the office, I offered to demonstrate some poses and postures that really stretch our bodies and make it easier to sit for long periods of time.

Everyone stopped what s/he was doing and began to try the poses and postures to stretch out their bodies. The first time I stopped by and we did this no phones rang and we got about ten minutes of poses practiced. Last week when I stopped by we spent almost a half hour stretching in poses and when the phone rang, the staff rotated who would answer.

Will I go back this week to practice yoga postures and poses with my co-workers sitting all day? Yes, I will! I look forward to many opportunities to share yoga with Storkie!

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