a ajulia 0817 Why Julie and Julia Is A Must See! Our children were out of town so we waited to see Julie and Julia. We listened to the advice that we should not go hungry. After a quick and yummy dinner of Thai food, we bought our tickets and found great seats in a local stadium-seating theater. We all love Meryl Streep and our youngest children adore Amy Adams.

What can I say about this movie? It is a definite “must-see!” Not only does Meryl Streep who plays Julia Child, entertain, make the audience emit cries of “Awhhhhhh” and absolutely embody her character, but the movie serves as a depiction of a good marriage, the historical discrepancies that existed in the culinary world between men and women, and a glimpse into parts of what life working for the Foreign Service and world-wide embassies was like.¬†Meryl Streep’s ¬†performance is flawless as far as her voice, accent, body language, and believability as Julia Child.

So, let’s hear from you after you have seen this delightful movie!

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