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Easy Cheese Appetizers For A Party

As I look back on my blog entries about my family’s various life celebration events, I see that we have had and continue to have a very busy schedule of ceremonies and parties since the new year began. Sometimes my children read my blog and just last week, I heard from my son and eldest daughter. “You have told the whole world about our life and stuff. Nothing is private; don’t give any more details. It’s embarrassing!”

So, as much as I would like to fill you in on the Confirmation, the upcoming 8th grade dance, our youngest son’s 6th birthday lunch and painting party, and the girls’graduation party, I will not share details. All I will share are my strategies for planning and enjoying so many events in such a crowded schedule.

My first piece of advice is to communicate with the honored celebrant and find out what s/he wants. Then, enroll the celebrant in the plans such as the choice of invitations, the theme or color scheme of the party, and the menu.

My second piece of advice is to do as much as possible way before the actual date of the event. I knew that my daughter was to be confirmed, and that the girls would be graduating this spring, so after the Christmas/Chanukah frenzy, I began to look for paper goods and explore party planning sites for ideas. Then, I actually made some of the centerpieces and finalized the menus around the beginning of March.

My third piece of advice is to ask family members to spend time with the preparations so that everyone is involved in the excitement of the planning stage. This really does ensure sincere enthusiasm for the upcoming celebration.

I would love to hear your thoughts about writing about the details of family life in a blog, your suggestions for making it easier to plan and host multiple parties, and anything else you have to say about Spring 2009 and your and our many blessed events.

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