made in the usa What About Made in America?In the office this past week, we circulated an email about a typical day with all the products and conveniences we rely upon. Think about a day’s routine! The shaver comes from one country, the TV where we watch morning news from another, the car we drive to work and the gas and motor oil that keep it running, from another. The email about our almost total reliance on “other than U.S. made” things in our lives got me thinking about what is U.S. made and how do we support the businesses that employ American workers making American consumer products?

So, I decided to research what is American made and this is my very “barely scratching the surface” list.

 1.  Invitations, Announcements, Labels, Custom Postage Stamps, and various Stationery and Gift items. Storkie offices are located in Florida and California with printing in Idaho! 

2. KitchenAid Mixers that not only help professional chefs create wonderful food offerings, are found in many, many home kitchens and are available at discount and retail stores. Since 1919 they have been hand assembled in Greenville, Ohio.

3.  American Apparel clothing is fabricated in the USA in downtown Los Angeles! Many quality clothing and accessory items are available with enough variety that you can dress entirely in “Made in the USA!”

4.  Finally, this is traditionally the time many of us take our family vacations and support the tourist industry. Although the tourist industry does not manufacture products, they do offer American made service! Every time we get on a domestic flight and travel in the U.S., we help keep employed the multitude of people who work for whatever airline we fly to reach our destinations. In addition, when we check into a hotel, go to a tourist attraction, eat in a restaurant, and/or pay admission to a National Park, these are all opportunities to do something with our earned in America dollars that positively impacts the USA and our economy.

I challenge you to find many, many more products that are “Made in the USA” and share them with us!

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