copy20of20dscf7000dresstrashed1 Wedding ControversyUsually wedding controversy stems from expectations of the bride’s family and expectations of the groom’s family being very different. Recently, one of my coworkers at Storkie forwarded to me a link to Trash the Dress about wedding gown trashing. Yes, if you never heard of it, the wedding gowns that are worn only to the wedding are trashed as a symbol of them never being needed again, because the bride and groom are so committed to each other. Many wedding gown trashers go out to a farm, a lake or ocean, and roll around in a fountain or the mud. Many have professional photographs taken of the “trashing.”

Is your blood boiling yet? Mine was. When I read the comments and replies from the 135 responses to the article I became more and more incensed and more and more confused.

So after getting engaged, scheduling the bridal shower, sending out save-the-date cards, choosing the colors, theme, rings, gowns, flowers, attendant gifts, honeymoon venue, and wedding invitations…  After working out the music flow, finding a hotel for out-of-town guests, creating the guest seating chart, tasting and picking the food and beverages, and finally exchanging vows, what do you think about trashing your wedding gown?

 Let us know! Me… I’m totally confused!

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