butternut squash soup recipe 1109 th2 We’ve Talked TurkeyHopefully, you feel comfortable with cooking turkey for the upcoming Thanksgiving Feast. But, what are you going to make with the turkey? For great ideas, check out the MSN online article, “Our Favorite Thanksgiving Side Dishes.” We, at Storkie, decided to try and make one of the suggestions in each category of the article. Then we each brought the dish to our main corporate offices and shared with each other. The feedback helped each of us decide what to actually make for the big celebration.

Surprisingly, the traditional dishes got the most rave reviews! So, don’t forget one or two good stuffing choices, cranberry relish in some form, a minimum of two cooked veggie offerings such as Brussels sprouts and green beans, sweet potatoes and white potatoes in some form, a squash choice, and of course at least two kinds of pie. Anything else you want to add can be innovative and unusual.

Thanksgiving is all about stopping and counting our blessings. Tradition brings comfort and continuity to our lives.

Let us know what you are planning to make and bake! We look forward to some good ideas!

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