241883drinkingwater Water, The Drink of ChoiceIt can be challenging to get our children to choose water instead of sugary and carbonated drinks. But, my philosophy has always been to present the facts, limit the home choices, monitor what goes on when we are out as a family, and then hope that when they are without our presence and supervision, they will make good choices. The media makes drinking diet Coke or Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, Mountain Dew, Sprite, and 7 Up look trendy and cool. The media also makes drinking Coors, Bud-Light, Amstel, and Corona beer look enticing as well, and we don’t allow our children to drink beer. So, why can’t we present sugary, carbonated or toxic diet drinks the same way.

For the summer beverage choice debate our position remains firm. It’s simple! The best drink is water. Herbal teas that are hot or chilled provide another choice with more flavor than water. Fresh, without additives, fruit juice is a possibility although I encourage my children to eat whole fruit and avoid juice.  If your family drinks milk, then milk is another appropriate choice. But, that’s it.  

As parents, we often take a stance that is not “cool,” not “popular,” and not “trendy.” In spite of being “unloved” at moments, our decisions do elicit children approval. My daughter who is entering ninth grade mentioned in passing that she sees her friends drinking diet soda and still putting on weight. I got to say in response that diet drinks are thought to mess up the metabolism. After all, they are filled with chemicals. Our bodies need natural products and don’t do well with chemicals. Water is the drink of choice. Water drinkers have better skin, digestive systems, energy, and metabolisms. I am not a dietician or a nutritionist but what has worked for me, should work for my family.

She continues to “buy it!” Water is her drink of choice. Although I have seen her ask for seltzer water and a lemon or lime slice at a party. Let’s hope the other siblings follow suit.

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     How do you get your children to make good beverage choices? Let us know!

4 thoughts on “Water, The Drink of Choice

  1. Children drinking water? Are you kidding? I would love to have you spend some time with my children. They hate water and I don’t know what to do? Any suggestions?

  2. There’s too much information about which water bottles are safe and which are not. When I asked my kid’s doctor, she said it’s not her specialty. Any sugestions where I can read good info? Oh, I have been able to get my kids to drink water instead of soda. Now, I need safe and good water bottles. They are not allowed to bring glass to school or camp.

  3. Try getting them exhausted in the sun. If you can get your kids to quench their thirst with water when they’ve run around and are sweaty, then you’ll be able to set the right precedents before Gatorade enters their lives. If Gatorade and other sugar drinks are already in the picture, don’t stock it at home. When your kids realize how great water is for cooling them down and satisfying their thirst, hopefully they can transition water in as their default drink in place of soda. Remember the precedents you form now will affect your kids as they get older: water for most drinks, soda and sugar drinks for once in a while.

  4. I just got my kids (and myself) the metal bottles from REI. There are some that are glass lined, so your kids can take them to school/camp and not have any of the potential negatives of a metal or plastic bottle.

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