4929magnetholidaycard Use Your Holiday CardsI just spent an hour writing out some of my holiday cards. About three days ago we began to receive holiday cards. It got me thinking… what can we do with the cards that we receive so they don’t end up tossed in the trash?

One good idea is to get a fresh evergreen wreath and punch a hole in each card and then tie the cards to the wreath. The wreath can hang anywhere you like and will add a good scent and feeling to the holiday season. Another good idea is to buy a large-sized Styrofoam tree shape and with pushpins, decorate the tree with your received cards. Stack the cards to look like leaves on a tree. At the end of the holiday, the cards can either be tossed or saved and then next year you can use the tree form again.

But to really use your received cards, hope that you receive holiday magnet cards. They are the best!

What are your ideas? What do you do with your received holiday cards? Let’s hear from you!

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