ps 17 simpsons04082009 Tribute to An Old FriendIt’s not that I don’t appreciate what UPS, DHL, FEDEX, Airborne, and all the other shipping and delivery companies do, it’s just that the United States Postal Service has been the recipient of some very bad publicity. Yes, I know that postage stamps prices rise again on May 11th, and we need to devote at least two hours to any errand at the local Post-Office, but despite some challenges, we still have a reliable and efficient government postal agency that I salute with this blog!

Listed below are a few things that the USPS can do for you:

USPS can teach you patience. Anyone who has stood in the long lines at the Post-Office, filled-out multiple forms, watched three of the clerks take a simultaneous break, and finally been helped by the one available Postal Worker who tells you to fill-out different forms than the ones you have completed, has learned the lesson of patience.

USPS can teach you reliability. Whenever I don’t want to get a notification, a legal document or a letter with bad news, the Postal Service invariably and consistently places said letter in my mailbox. Getting mail, the things I want and don’t want on an almost daily basis since my childhood has taught me the lesson of reliability.

USPS can teach you about diversity. I don’t know about you but whenever I go to the Post Office, I feel like I am a participant in the United Nations. I love it! Between the customers and the clerks, I usually encounter a minimum of ten nationalities. The best part is that we are all Americans and all using the USPS.

Finally, USPS can teach you about joy. Think about the numerous cards, announcements, letters with good news, invitations and postcards from other people’s travels that you have received from USPS. More often than not, USPS delivers some joy to many, many people on a consistent basis.

So, let’s hear from you about either your stories of experiences at the USPS office or what you have learned from the USPS!

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