daisybug The Thrill of DisguiseLast night we decided to walk around a local plaza. At the location of “Linens and Things,” a Halloween Costume Store thrives. We couldn’t believe the vast selection of yard décor that moves, makes sounds, and terrifies. We also couldn’t believe how much square footage the adult costume selections occupied.

My favorite costume for purchase is the “Daisy Bug.” The disguise includes a short-skirt black tutu, fitted red and black polka-dotted top with shoulder straps, wings, and over-the-knee stockings in red and black polka-dots with a daisy.  How adorable is the ladybug that one becomes when wearing this costume? It comes in sizes from extra small to extra large so many kinds of ladybugs will be seen this Halloween holiday.

My husband really liked the family condiment costume selections. He noted the prices and is quite happy I thought about trading our family clown costumes for his brother’s family condiment disguises for our party this year. Both families saved a bundle of money by exchanging costumes!

We spent quite a long time in the Halloween store, mostly watching families shop for their favorites. Interestingly, even very young children know exactly what they want to be for Halloween. Many of the families we watched were negotiating family-themed disguises. The scariest costumes seemed to be the biggest sellers.

Let’s hear from you! How will you disguise yourself for the Halloween festivities?

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  1. Switching costumes can save money and make Halloween more exciting for each family that gets to wear new costumes. Thanks for your comment!

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