photo 11 The Full Themed Baby Shower

We love to hear from customers, and we love even more when our customers send us photos and stories of the great events for which we’ve created invitations. 

One customer sent us some photos that had the whole office buzzing.  Taking the ladybug theme to the max, after ordering Ladybug baby shower invitations, she found a ladybug balloon for the gift table, made ladybug centerpieces, even ladybug cookies!  Looks like it was a blast…  Honoree Jenn is certainly a lucky ducky to have such great friends!

Speaking of ladybugs, here’s a joke: A family was having breakfast at a diner when the son noticed a tiny little spot on the wall that seemed to be moving. He called it to the father’s attention. He glanced at it and said, “It’s a ladybug.” After a moment of stunned silence the son said, “Wow, how can you see that Dad!”

Sharing is love, and we really felt the love on this one!  Send us your shower photos and stories – they’ll be sure to make us happy (and may even be featured here on the Storkie Blog)!

photo 1b The Full Themed Baby Shower

Been to a great shower recently?  Hosted one?  Tell us about it…

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