3089hishersthankyoucards Thank You CardsAs I looked at the remaining holiday cards from last year, I noticed that my thank you card amounts had dwindled. Even though fewer and fewer people send thank you cards, I still do. So, I decided that I would order some thank you cards with my name, with my husband and my names, and with our family name.

Although I have been trying to keep extra purchases to a minimum, thank you cards have become a necessity for me.

2851mynamethankyoucard Thank You Cards

793familynamethankyoucard Thank You Cards





Check out the styles I have ordered! What do you think about the etiquette of writing and sending thank you cards? Let’s hear from you!

4 thoughts on “Thank You Cards

  1. Gratitude is always welcome, appreciated, and appropriate. In this age of electronic communication, it is refreshing to receive something that has been thoughtfully personalized and touched by a loved one. Letters and thank you notes will never go out of style!

  2. I have always been one to write thank you notes when receiving gifts or staying at someone’s home while visiting. It may be “old fashioned” when today most people might make a quick phone call, e-mail or even text. Taking just a little time to hand write a thank you makes it that much more meaningful and personal. To have special note cards also adds that extra personal touch that in many instances our hectic world lacks these days. Those who receive the thank yous say it brightens their day, so I will continue to write them and am always looking for those unique and distinctive note cards.

  3. Thank you for commenting! Sending thank you cards does not have to become a “dinosaur” of etiquette practices. Let’s hear from everyone about why you still send thank you cards!

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