mobamasterworks Summer: Visit MuseumsSummer offers a great opportunity to check out the 17,500 U.S. museums either close to you or wherever you travel. Surprisingly, there are now museums for everyone’s interests. Museums about movies, torture, watches, furniture, and almost everything else you can imagine exist. Even an entire museum of bad art can be visited!


Most cities and even small towns have a place where one can explore the history of the place you live.


Let’s hear from you about your unusual and favorite museum outings!

2 thoughts on “Summer: Visit Museums

  1. Summer is long for Moms. After reading this I looked up unusual museums where I live and there’s a museum of clock keys in the next town. Guess where I’m taking my kids next week? Thanks for the great suggestion.

  2. The Museum of Jurassic Technology in Los Angeles is one of the most bizarre museums I have ever been to and one of the best!

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