tfp018couplepicnic Summer Date Nights: Successful and Continued!The relaxed and slower-paced vibe of summer is nearing the end. Yes, I know that the season ends in September but for this family once school begins, summer is over. So, how can we capture and perpetuate some of the summer intimacy that our date nights have provided?

Whether you have been married a day, a month, or for fifty years, date night helps keep a couple’s intimacy on track. During the summer we committed to a weekly date night and once school begins, we decided to continue the tradition. It doesn’t take much money to have one night a week without the children. This summer we have been on three picnics, to a bookstore for coffee, for a walk on the beach, and to a free outdoor concert/dance where we were the youngest people in the crowd! None of our date nights cost more than $25 and that includes gas for transportation.

Yes, it will take scheduling the date night into our busy, activity-filled calendars to keep on spending one night a week, out and together without the children. But knowing how successful our summer date nights have been, we will definitely make them a reality during the busy school year!

What do you think about the idea of date night? Let’s hear from you about your “dates” and tricks for going out without ruining the household budget!

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