px294068neighborhoodcampdad Summer BeginsOn Monday, June 8th our first ever neighborhood summer camp begins. The first parent to be camp director lives next door to us so I will be able to spy all day and week and see what’s going on. I hope to get some good ideas for my week’s turn. Also, my husband is counting on me to give him some suggestions for his week’s turn, based on our neighbor’s success . The parent who asked for the first week is a school teacher and decided to get her turn “over with” at the beginning of the summer so the rest of the summer she only deals with her own children and has time to recharge her teaching battery.

My daughter who is going into 9th grade is going to be one of the camp counselors for two weeks. She has assured me that everything that goes on will be reported to us in detail and that we shouldn’t worry because we will both be great directors. I love her loyalty and positive attitude.

After her two weeks as a neighborhood camp counselor she will go to my husband’s family house and be with her grandparents, cousins, and some aunts and uncles for two weeks without us. By the time we get there a month of summer vacation will have passed. She assures me that she will make time for reading her summer vacation books and taking notes to prepare for the tests on the summer reading books given the first week back at school. I know that she will do a conscientious job of reading and note taking.

Both my daughter, entering sixth grade and our son, entering first grade will be campers at the neighborhood camp for all the weeks that we are home this summer. They are looking forward to being with their friends and having a fun summer.

Please share what your children and families are doing for the summer vacation. Sharing helps all of us get good ideas!

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  1. Next March, my neighborhood is going to organize a summer camp like yours did for this year. We are sending our kids to the local park district camp and hope it will be worth the money. Hopefully, they will be exhausted, come home, and not need too much more entertaining. I wish we had thought of the neighborhood camp idea for this year. I love your blog and have checked out baby announcements for us for the birth of our third child in October.

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