bxp274126lobster Share Nature’s BeautyFor those of us with family and friends spread out across the United States, we can share the special beauty of the region where we live! For example, we have wonderful friends in North Carolina who save autumn leaves, pop them in an envelope and mail them to us to garnish our Thanksgiving table. We, who live in citrus heaven have sent fresh oranges and grapefruits and even those overly sweet coconut patties to friends who live in the cold during the winter.

Having family in Maine also has its advantages because they have most generously shipped Maine lobster to our door for a romantic anniversary dinner on several occasions. Random years such as anniversary 8, 19, and then 23 have been celebrated with their gift from Maine.

I thought I would share some of these ideas so you too can spread your region’s bounty with the people you love!

Let’s hear from you!

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