storage solutions 02 Save Time and Be GreenAlthough multi-tasking¬† often leads to added stress, it does help us get things done. Being organized helps us multi-task and achieve quality at the same time. Did you see Real Simple Magazine’s article about how to line up the products in the bathroom that we use everyday? In addition, the same issue suggests ways to expeditiously clean the bathroom and use products that are not harmful to us and the environment.

I polled the people with whom I work in the office where we typeset and found that several members of Storkie’s staff use white vinegar and newspapers for glass surface cleaning. In addition, several others use rags instead of paper towels which saves paper. Then, I polled the people in customer service for their special, “green and short-cuts” for cleaning and organizing. Two of our staff use a recycling bin that sits in the garage, for all glass, paper, and plastic. When anyone leaves the house, they drop the things for recycling in the proper part of the bin. Karen, in customer service assures me it saves time and leads to less clutter.

Everyone unanimously agrees that a well-organized bathroom cabinet and clothing closet saves time when rushing about in the morning. Also, when a member of the family can’t find something, because everything has its place, Mom and Dad can help. Debbie said she has organized her family members’ things and closets with them since they were young. Now, it’s second nature that her family puts things back into their places. They all agree it saves time.

Stores that specialize in “green cleaning” products and organizers have displays that motivate us to set-up our homes for ease of life. Be sure and go on an outing for inspiration and if the items in the stores are too costly, look at Target, Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, and second-hand stores for storage and organizing items that will make our lives more orderly, and save us precious time.

Let’s hear from you for ideas on saving time and cleaning “green.”

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