g tdy 091005 brigitte 1120a widec Real WomenThe other day I had a mishap. I tripped over my husband’s very large-sized sneakers and did a “splat!” You know those full body, land on one’s face, cartoon moves? I did it and thankfully only have two bruised palms, kneecaps, and elbows, and nothing broken or cut open.

Afterwards, I joked with my husband about how lucky I am.  I teased about how I would have been crushed if I had been a five-foot tall, petite-boned woman who  had taken my fall. Having always felt ambivalent about being an actual tall, big-boned woman, I do now know that true beauty is only seen when the actual person feels beautiful. So, size doesn’t matter except for matters of health!

Then, I just read about a German magazine for women with the most readers of all women’s magazines in Germany, that has taken a stand and decided not to use professional, size zero models in their fashion articles’ photos. They have asked real women to submit photos and will use these women and pay them professional model fees for their work with the magazine.

Pretty interesting! Is this a trend?

2 thoughts on “Real Women

  1. I hope it is the new trend! I can’t even look at the magazines anymore!! I would like to see regular people like me instead of skeletons 😉

  2. Thanks so much for responding to my perspective. The entire perception of physical beauty and taste in beauty fascinates me! Let’s hear more comments!

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