3279 1014910 ddressquinceparties Quinceanera Parties AboundNow that school is back in session, several save-the-date cards and invitations for my daughter’s friends and teammates’ traditional celebration for a 15 year-old girl have arrived.  Obviously, she is so excited! It appears that October and November weekends will be filled with these big parties. So, here we go again…shopping time!

Even though the same friends will probably attend these upcoming festivities, there is no way that our daughter can have a new dress, shoes, and bag for each of these events. So, I began to speak to some of her teammates’ moms, my sisters, my cousins, and even a few neighbors. Yes, we are going to do an exchange. For the girls who wear a bigger size, we will rotate amongst them. For the girls who are a smaller size, we will begin by rotating amongst them and then pass down the bigger dresses that will be altered to fit each girl. Then, those of us with smaller-sized girls will chip in for a few bigger-sized dresses.

Everyone gets to wear a new dress and keep to a budget. By communicating honestly and agreeing upon dry cleaning protocol, we all win. Our daughters get to feel beautiful and we as parents have created community!

Do you have any other suggestions for clothing our daughters, on a budget, for multiple parties amongst the same friends?  Please share!

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