k0165761holidaydecor Quick Pick Up IdeasAt the holiday season most of us have people coming to stay or stopping by. With all the preparations taking up so much time, how do we keep our abodes “picked-up” and presentable without sacrificing time from enjoying our families and guests?

In the December 2009 issue of Body & Soul, four experts give some great tips for what the magazine calls, “Speed Cleaning.” Two of the suggestions involve bathroom clean-up and freshen-up making sure that necessary supplies such as toilet paper, hand towels, and soap are easily available to guests. The executive chairperson of Seventh Generation states that he uses flowers to draw guests’ attention away from any clean or neatness issues. Finally, having cleaning supplies stored in bathroom cupboards allows us as hosts to go to the bathroom and quickly make it presentable.

My own suggestion for stress-free holiday entertaining is to have everyone in the family committed to putting away what ever they use. Keep belongings in specified places on a consistent basis. Also, have less clutter as far as decorative objects throughout the house.

Let’s hear from you? What are your tips on quick pick-ups?

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