d6bf823368a4e49d1c3ce8ba5f95davejohnson Prepare for Holiday PhotosWhen looking back on holiday photos, the images often elicit a strong memory of that exact moment. Photos become our living history, so taking good photos is very important. This week on the MSN website a professional photographer, Dave Johnson from PC World offers tips and suggestions on how to prepare the photos that will tell the story of your holidays.

Thank you Dave Johnson. I know that his suggestions will definitely improve my family’s photos. Since I have started the tradition of making photo books, taking vibrant and exciting photos has become a necessity. After all, my photos become a gift for someone and no longer remain in a box buried amongst other boxes.

Let’s hear from you about your holiday photo suggestions and traditions!

3 thoughts on “Prepare for Holiday Photos

  1. Thanks for reminding me to read that article after I had bookmarked it. I’ve completed memory books for our parents this year and have a renewed appreciation for the value of photographs, especially good ones! I’m hoping for better family photos during the upcoming holidays too.

  2. I heard about the guy and the concept. I will definetly try this year! I want to take some pictures of the cooking process, too. It will be a complete picture of the night.. Cooking, serving, the meals, eating and the time after.. I wish i had a basic photography class or something.. But it is not too late, right?!

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